Friday, October 29, 2010


Bedtime routine with Nora is pretty funny these days.  She loves to "relax" before going to sleep.  Typically around dinner time--sometimes even earlier--she'll start asking either Jonathan or I if we'll "relax" with her before bed.  She knows that my response is typically "no," so usually she is making sweet eyes and using her sweet voice to ask her Daddy.  8 out of 10 nights, Jonathan says "yes" and relaxes with her for a few minutes before saying goodnight. 

I love hearing them through the monitor.  Usually a story is told, they laugh, they giggle, they pretend, they have little games they play, then they lie very still until Nora gets sleepy and then Jonathan leaves.  Precious, precious time between those two.  With busy days for Daddy during this crazy season with the new business, those moments are very important.  Before long, she'll be too big for "relax time."  I hope we never forget the way she asks that infamous question:  "You wanna relax with me tonight, Daddy?"

Anyway, the night before last, Jonathan was hanging out with Nora during relax time when she asked him if he was going to eat breakfast with her in the morning.  (She's on a kick about wanting to eat breakfast with him).  He explained that he couldn't.  He would be at work when she woke up and was ready to eat breakfast.

Jonathan:  "But, we can eat breakfast together on Saturday morning.  I'll be home that day."

Nora:  (pause)  "Oh, I can't do it that day."

Typical.  Such a little woman, isn't she?  I wonder what it is she'll be doing that day that she can't fit in breakfast with her Daddy?!  Ah, silly girl.  We love her so much.  And she's definitely getting too big too fast.

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