Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a wonderful Halloweekend!  The kids are so much fun at their ages, so Halloween was such a great time for all of us this year.  Nora, especially, enjoyed truly experiencing Trick-or-Treating.  Each year we get together with our good friends for a little Halloween Bash.  This year was our biggest get-together yet!  We have a yummy chili supper, and then we get the kids together to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  It is GREAT for trick-or-treating! So many of the houses go all out for the kids, and I swear, people come by car and drive around to get the loot from our neighborhood.  You may need to check it out next year.

Nora was Tinkerbell and Liam was a ninja.  I got this adorable costume from a friend for $3!  It was so precious on him.  I tried to keep the headband on him, but he was NOT interested at all.

Nora was so thrilled that her friends were coming over for supper and to go trick-or-treating.  We always do Halloween with the Townsends, ever since Nora and Layla were just a few months old.  Naturally, Robert never fails to deliver in the costume department.

Last year, he came as this:

But this year, he came as none other than his true self:
I love how you can tell Liam is totally confused in this picture.

Chunk Norris....er, I mean Chuck Norris, was there as well.

Batman, and his parents (our next door neighbors) came too!
Our friends David and Kristi Korda brought over their son Yoda and their daughter the Queen McKenna.  We had a great time!

Attempts at getting all of the kids together:  It was not very successful.  But it is what it is!
There was Yoda, Chuck Norris, Bumble Bee, Queen McKenna, Tinkerbell, Fairy Princess, Cowboy Benjamin, Captain America, and a Construction Worker.

Altogether, we had the Kordas, the Smiths, the McNeils, the Townsends, the Walworths, and the Kordas.  It was a great party and tons of fun.

After a block or two, my arms got tired and we put Liam in is cozy coupe.  He loves that car!

For fun, I thought I'd post a pic from last year...things sure have changed!

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Jessica said...

Hopefully in a year or two it will include The Webbs :-) Miss and Love you guys!