Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heritage Family Dentistry: BEFORE

Okay, I know these are way over due, but I am just now getting to upload these pics onto my computer. We have tried to document the entire renovation project for Jonathan's new office, so I thought I'd begin with a post on the BEFORE and the first part of the reconstruction.

Here is what the outside sign looked like.  Isn't the smiley face hilarious!?
No, we did not keep that up there, and once I get a picture of the final new sign, I'll post it.

The Shop-Vac.  It's a really long story, but believe this is LONG GONE!

The other Dr.'s office.  This is now the break room/office for Jonathan.

An operatory.

The suction that ran along the floors and along the windows. We now have plumbing below the flooring.
Sterilization Area


Waiting Area.

Front Desk/Receptionist Space

The day that Jonathan closed on the practice, we had the help of several strong, male friends to help us completely empty the practice.  We threw lots of stuff away, but everything we kept went into a pod in the parking lot to be used after the renovations.  The next day, the construction crew came in and completely demo-ed the place.  They took down old ceiling tiles, tore down old walls and sheetrock, removed old cabinetry, etc.

We went in afterward to survey the changes.  Here are Jonathan and his dad looking over the new plans.

The day after the initial demo, we went back in to see the framing for the new walls and where the concrete slab had been drilled for new plumbing. This was a big project and was SOOOO messy, but well worth it!

Andrew checking out the plans.  Mr. Construction Project Manager himself!

Okay, so that's the BEFORE post!  There are so many more pictures and details we have in this part, but I am just showing you the basics.  We were so blessed with a construction crew and contractor who worked very hard within our deadline.  God truly took care of us.


Jaden's Granny said...

This is absolutely Amazing to me. I'm so happy to see these pictures. I can't believe I lived in that tiny office all those years.
I am so happy and I am so PROUD of Dr. Bradshaw, he is a wonderful Dentist and a wonderful person as well.
We are very blessed to have him.

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