Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from our Christmas in New Orleans. I'll begin with the pictures of everyone opening presents on Christmas morning at my parents' house. Nora and Liam surprisingly slept until about 8:00 am, which was a nice treat for everyone. Also, my Momma was busily wrapping presents still so while she got everything finished up, we went ahead and fed the kids breakfast:

Grandpa made someone Hot Chocolate!

The massive number of presents under the tree! My parents are crazy!

Their beautiful and real tree! I just love the smell of true, live Christmas trees!

My mom bought a Christmas King Cake (usually they are out for Mardi Gras), so the kids got to enjoy some with their breakfast.  And Nora got the baby in her piece!

Liam's first try of King Cake.  He was a big fan!

My dad is always putting on music around the house.  While we were eating breakfast he put on some Christmas carols, and Liam and my Momma decided to get some morning dancing in before gifts got opened.

Nora got an Ariel dress!  Her favorite princess!

Helping little brother open his gifts.  We only let one person open a gift at a time, so what is going on here is that Nora realizes that the quicker Liam's gift gets opened, the more likely she can open another gift next.  "I'll just help you out her, Little Guy."

Her favorite thing: Reading

Finally, the adults breakfast was finished.  We always make Monkey Bread for breakfast, but we got a late start, so it wasn't ready until we were already opening gifts.  This recipe is so simple and it is so yummy.  I'll be sure to post it on my kitchen blog.

My parents got REALLY creative in their choice of gift-wrap for Jonathan.  Aluminum foil it is!

This was so sweet and really meant so much.  My middle sister, Emily, is a hard-working girl just out of college, living in NYC.  So, instead of getting my parents or Jonathan and I something for Christmas, she asked if she could cook us a 3 course meal one night while we were all together.  She has hopes of attending culinary school one day and is a very good cook, so we were all so excited to be treated to one of her wonderful meals.  More on that night later!  Wasn't this so thoughtful!?

All of the gift opening last a while, then all of us women got busy in the kitchen fixing our Christmas Day lunch.  My mom made a roast with homemade gravy.  There were mashed potatoes, homemade macaroni and cheese, and a Spinach Maria casserole.  Plus, green salad, bread, and a pot of Pinto Beans.  (My Dad is a Texan.  We have beans at every meal, even Christmas).  Then, everyone....EVERYONE....took naps.  It was a glorious and relaxing day.

Typically we celebrate with my mom's side of the family, but my two aunts were in different cities visiting their children.  So, it was just my parents, my sisters, our little family, and my mom's brother, Uncle Jimmy.  We had a very quite and quaint time.  

Confession:  I stayed in my pjs almost all day.  Usually I shower, dress up, wear make-up, etc.  Not this Christmas!  I loved it.  No pressure, just relaxing!

More on the rest of our NOLA trip to come...

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