Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day #3: Cold, Wet, Fun!

Well, it's Wednesday, January 12, 2011. We have had snow for the past three days, pretty heavy snow, actually. Our streets have been iced over, the snow has continued off and on, and we haven't left the house since Sunday.

Did you hear me? Since SUNDAY!

(I apologize....I think I am suffering from cabin fever).

Just teasing. Although I am greatly anticipating getting out of the house, we really have been having a great time during the past three days. Thankfully, our next door neighbors have been stuck at home as well, so we have had some social interaction and some fantastic playmates. Jonathan and Matt were home with us on Monday, so we basically spent the entire day with Matt, Anne, and Dillon, including eating lunch, dinner, and dessert. Yesterday evening, we got together over at their house for some playtime and cheesecake, and this morning, Anne and I bundled ourselves and all the kids up for some snowman building and a nature walk. We had a blast! Thankfully, while we were out today, the sun was out which made it bearable in the 20-something degree weather. The kids love playing in the snow, even Liam, although he wants to be held a good bit. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to:

This is from today.  Anne watched the kids at the top of the hill behind our backyard fence while I ran down to grab my camera.  When I got back, they were resting:

Attacking Ms Anne!
Climbing up the steep hill between our two fences to get to the top.
This is the view from the top of the hill behind our fenceline.

There was a bench back there (RANDOM), but I got some adorable pics of the kids.  This cracks me up.  Dillon's face is priceless.

There wasn't a single one where all three were looking.  Oh well!  

Nora and Dillon were done! Ready to explore and get as far away from my camera as possible.

Liam on the other hand.....
.....doesn't yet know to run from Mommy and her big camera.

He's a keeper.

My little eskimo.

Always the priss.

Anne held Liam for a while to give my back a break.  Isn't it convenient how I rarely end up in these pictures!?!?  It's Snow Day #3.....I looked horrible, so truly, thank me for sparing you. 

Finally, our two snow people.  We're so proud.

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