Monday, January 17, 2011

What Are We Gonna Do With You!?

Liam Piper, you are 20 months old.  Actually, you are 20 and a HALF months old, which is exactly how old Nora was the day you were born.  It is so hard for me to imagine Nora that little, but at the same time, 20.5 months seems so old.

You, our precious boy, are growing up too fast.

Just last night, I told your Daddy that it was a good thing we have another one on the way because it is certainly hard to watch you grow up.  Don't get me wrong...we absolutely love you at this age.  We are so glad you are growing and learning and talking more and more every day.  But, it still hurts.

Liam, at twenty months, you are a bundle of crazy, exciting energy.  When you are awake, you are 90 miles an hour, into everything, and trying to touch all things you shouldn't.  You love to play with your cars and trucks and tools (most which were Christmas gifts)

Although you started out as quite the picky eater, I am so glad that you are growing out of that slowly.  You still have a major sweet tooth, but you are opening up to more and more foods, which makes life easier for Momma.  Cheese, however, is something you do not like.  Period.

You are STILL taking two naps most days.  You take about an hour morning nap and anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hour afternoon nap.  I am one blessed Momma, but because I am prone to napping in the afternoons, I am in no rush to get rid of your morning nap.  I will let you keep that until you see fit to let it go.

You couldn't be any sweeter.  You are so affectionate.  You love to kiss and hug and pat me.  You love to be held and snuggle.  One of our favorite things lately is for all of us (you, Nora, Daddy, Momma, and Baby Girl) climb in my bad after naps where we just all sit and play or watch tv.  It's one of my favorite things these days.

You and Nora are growing to be better friends.  Just last night you were running around together, you following her every move and so excited to be included on whatever adventure she was leading you on.  You look up to her so much!

You are loving your "room time" these days.  You are up to 30 minutes of independent play, but some days when your timer goes off, you say "No NO!" and want to stay in to continue with your trucks or blocks or books.  Books are becoming more of a love to you, as well.  And music.  That is your favorite!

Oh, I can hardly believe that in just four months you will be two.  How fast this life of yours is going by!  We just love you.  I cannot wait to see what things the Lord has in store for you, my son.  I pray that He will use your sweet nature to draw others to Himself.  I pray He saves your heart at a young age and that He opens your eyes to see how good and loving He is!

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