Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Few of Nora's LOVES These Days

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I thought I would do a little interview with my resident three-year-old to find out what things she LOVES these days.  She is growing and changing and becoming her own little person more and more each day, so I am certain that what she loves right now won't be the things she loves next Valentine's Day or even next month.  So, here's what my girlie girl has to say:

What's your name:  Nora.

How old are you:  Three.

What's your favorite color:  I love white.

What's your favorite Princess:  Um, I love, um.  I love Ariel.

What's your favorite thing to eat:  Um, I like chicken and fries.  (Translation: Chick-fil-a)

What's your favorite special treat:  I love suckers.  From trick or treating sometimes.

What place do you LOVE to go to:  I like Music Class.  I like story time.

Who is your favorite person:  I love Mommy.  Um, no, I love "******"  (The baby's name).  No, I love Layla.

What is your favorite book:  I love Berenstein Bears' Trick or Treating book.

What is your favorite television show right now:  Backyardigans.

What is your favorite movie:  I love Madagascar.

Who do you LOVE to dress up as:  Um, I like to dress up like Ariel.

"This is fun," she says.

What would you LOVE to be when you grow up?  I wanna be, um, I wanna be Snow White.

What will you LOVE to do when you grow up?  I'm going to sit on my hiney and bounce on the bed.

Who do you LOVE the most?  I love Mommy.  (No pressure as I sit here interviewing you).

What Bible story is your favorite right now?  Um, I love Jonah because it's learn about God and it's about family and it's about a family who loves God.   (????)

What do you LOVE about Mommy?  I like how you say, "Nora, you're so cute."  I like how you play with me.

What do you LOVE about Daddy?  I love how he reads with me.

What do you LOVE about Liam?  I love him to say, "Nora, I want to play with you."

What's your favorite thing to play with Liam?  I like to bounce on the couch cushions with him.

What do you LOVE about Baby Girl?  I'm going to bounce in her bed.  She's going to have a crib.

What is your favorite thing to wear:  I like to wear white shirts.  (???)  I like to wear dresses and tights.

 Okay, she's over it.  Apparently she has an obsession with bouncing and Ariel and the color white.  She really enjoyed being interviewed, but to be honest, I am quite surprised by a few of her answers.  Silly, sweet girl.  She's my favorite!!!

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