Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paci Boot Camp: UPDATE

Last week I mentioned that Liam was the Paci Boot Camp Champ of 2011.  Well, today makes a week since Liam has gone pacifier-free, so I thought I would post an update for all of you out there waiting on the edges of your seats.

I am so happy to say that the paci still remains a distant memory.  We have not brought it out or given it to him since last Tuesday during naptime, so according to the pediatrician, we should be home-free.  The first few days were, surprisingly, the easiest in the adjustment.  I mentioned in the previous post that Liam started sleeping without it as if he had never even had a paci.  That lasted for a few days as he continued to nap really well during the day and sleep really great throughout the night.

After about three days, bedtime became more of an issue.  I don't think Liam knows how to soothe himself to sleep fully since he's always....ALWAYS....had a paci.  So, Saturday evening we had some trouble getting him to settle down.  Jonathan and I had to each go into his room several times telling him to lay down, covering him back up and saying "night night."  Eventually, I was OVER going in, so we just let him fuss it out.  Not too long later, he was out cold for the remainder of the evening.

The next night we experienced the same thing.  So, we put on an episode of FRINGE, turned down the monitor, and within a few minutes, he was out.  One night (I can't remember which one), we were laughing so hard at him.  We could hear him whining through the monitor saying, "Momma! Momma!"  A few minutes later he'd be quiet, then we'd hear him laughing to himself and talking to his bear and Elmo.  Then he'd cry, then he'd stop and start playing.  Then we were just confused and couldn't tell it apart.

All in all, bedtime is great.  No complaints.  However, I have noticed that in the past 4-5 days, naps are going downhill.  He is just not napping as long, which is more along the lines of the pains of paci boot camp I was expecting.  He has slept about 1 hour and 15 minutes for each nap the past several days.  (I should also mention that the day I took the paci away officially is also the day we dropped down permanently to just nap.  Until then, he was still taking two naps most days).  He slept great for naps those first few days, but now he's not napping as long.  I pray that he will adjust with time, and I'm sure he will.  This is just part of learning to cope without that comfort.

Speaking of comfort, since the paci is gone, Liam has quickly decided to adopt Elmo and Bear as his new companions for sleep.  He has them both with him in the crib, along with about three blankets.  Suddenly having a blanket is very important to this boy, even in the car and walking around.  I think it's precious!!!

One other major accomplishment regarding being paci-free.  On Sunday, we put Liam into Children's Ministry for the first time without his paci.  He had a time months back where he was having major separation anxiety at church, and having his paci with him as always helped him adjust to being away from us while at church.  Knowing that we would have to put him in class without it made me nervous, but he did awesome on Sunday.  He didn't even ask for it!  Praise the Lord!

So, to sum it all up, we have had a few small growing pains during paci boot camp, but I am still so proud of my boy.  I am so thankful that the transition has and is going as smoothly as it is.  Everytime I tell someone about Liam's experience all I can say is:  "IT'S A MIRACLE!"  God has been quite kind to us!!!!

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