Monday, March 7, 2011

First Touch Of Spring (Fever)

We have been blessed with some GORGEOUS days here the last week of February and the first week of March.  Granted, we have also gotten some major rains, but in between we have had touches of sunshine and warmth that makes me swing open wide the back door, pushing the kids out the door to play in the beautiful weather.  Last Wednesday afternoon we played outside until Daddy got home, then instead of getting supper leftovers warmed up for our usual supper time, we decided to head to the playground instead until it just got too cool for comfort and our (read: my) tummies were screaming for grub.

Like any good mother, I took out my camera to capture some pictures of my kiddos during these days.  I have been such a slacker in the photo op category lately, but hopefully that'll change once we can get outside more where the lighting is so good, making picture-taking much easier.

Here's Miss Nora.

Here's Mr. Liam.  Can you just see the excitement in his body language and the side shot of his face.  It's like he's screaming, "FREEDOM!!!!"  "SHE FINALLY LET ME OUTSIDE!!!"

Stylish, as always.

So, we have this "hill" in our backyard.  I use that term loosely, and really, I can't describe the angle of this "hill" so you'll just have to see it for yourself.  But, anyway, it's great for entertaining the kids.  Well, sort of.  Nora is great at climbing up and down the hill.  She'll walk around, perusing the yard, coming and going up and down as she wishes.  Liam, however, has been able to climb UP the hill  for a while now, but coming DOWN has been a different story.

His favorite thing to do is to climb up the hill with a ball or truck in hand, sit down in the grass, throw the ball or truck down the hill, watching it roll and tumble.  Then, instead of climbing down the hill like any normal good little boy would do, he calls for MOMMA (pregnant momma) to go retrieve the ball, climb up the mountain herself to bring it to him, only to have him once again throw the ball or truck down the hill.

If I refused to go get the ball, he would just sit at the top of the hill along the fence line calling, "SHOOD YOU!  SHOOD YOU!"  (Liam for "Hold you.  Hold you!")

Occasionally Nora will try to assist him down the hill like a sweet, helpful, big sister.

But, this particular afternoon, we achieved a new victory.

Liam is now able to climb up and down the hill all. by. himself.

And, boy was this kid proud of himself!  He did it over and over and over and over.

Back to my freebird.

I love this girl.  She is getting sweeter by the day.  She is going to be such a great big sister to Stella and Liam, and I can see her desire to help and serve and care for others emerging more and more.  Praise the Lord for these things in her!

This boy is such a source of joy and laughter and sweetness too!  He keeps us on our toes, but man is he fun to have around.  His vocabulary is exploding daily.  Just yesterday, he used the word "excited" all on his own, correctly.  Twice.  I was like, "WHAT!? Did you just say that!?"

He also has this little thing we refer to as "Mommy-itis."  Case in point, right here.  I managed to waddle my way to the top of the hill, but once I was in sight and close range, he started with the manipulation.  "Shood you, Mommy. Shood you!"

He just clings to my legs.  Oh, Stella!  How'd you get in this picture?

For the love of all things good, woman, please pick me up!  And once you do, carry my thirty-something pound body down this monstrous hill.  Would you!?
So, I guess you can tell what happened.

Once Daddy came home, we headed to the playground for a while.  Liam was tuckered out from all of the up and down of the hill, so he got his Daddy to give him a ride.

I so look forward to the nights of spring we have coming soon.  And just think, next Spring we'll have three of these little boogers to keep up with! Whew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 


Vonda said...

Love the picture with your line of "For the love of all things good, woman"...pick me up! Great pictures, Casey!!

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