Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frozenhead State Park- First Family Hike 2011

This past Saturday the weather was wonderful!  Jonathan has been saying for several weeks that he would love to take a family hike before the baby came.  However, with the wedding and my belly growing bigger daily, we didn't know if it would work out.  We were able to make our wish a reality this past Saturday.  We called our next door neighbors, Matt, Anne, and Dillon, to see if they wanted to come along with us, and they did!  We packed a picnic lunch, loaded up everyone in the van, and drove the 45 minutes to Frozenhead State Park.

We went to Frozenhead about two years ago when I was pregnant with Liam, but this was much more of a family hike than that previous trip.

Nora and Dillon did a wonderful job of hiking.  Liam got the pleasure of riding on his Daddy about 95% of the time.  When we would stop to let others catch up or pee in the woods, we would let Liam down, but it quickly became apparent that his lack of an attention span and ability to see the point of hiking wasn't working to let him walk with Nora and Dillon.  So, Daddy was a pack-mule all day!! HA!
Up on top of the first waterfall.  This was as far as we ventured on our previous trip to Frozenhead, and it is a beautiful sight.   So hard to believe that we live so close to these waterfalls!

Liam's favorite part about the waterfalls was throwing the rocks in the water.  Seriously, this kid was totally occupied for a long time just throwing them in.  Such a boy!

Nora and Ms. Anne posing in a tree!

After the first waterfall--about 1.5 miles up the path--we decided to keep going to see what else we could find.  We hiked at least another mile to Emory Falls where there was a gorgeous waterfall that enabled everyone but Liam and I to climb the rocks all the way to the top.  Jonathan was in heaven.  I love how his 5-year-old self comes out when he's in the "wild."

Meanwhile, Liam and I did what we like best: take pictures and throw rocks.  Also, I tried to keep myself from hyperventilating as Jonathan and Nora climbed up the mountain and Liam came sooooo close several times to falling in the water.

Quite the happy girl.  She loved hiking, and even though at first she took a few falls, she quickly learned how to watch her step.  We started referring to her as "Tough As Nails Nora" because she was such a trooper.  I mean, we hiked at least 4 miles, and she hardly complained!  She was ready to get back for lunch and to check out the playground, but she had a blast.

On our way back down the trail, Liam got sleepy.  He asked Daddy to "shood you."  It wasn't long before the boy was OUT.  Jonathan carried over two miles.  Two miles at least of dead weight.  That boy is heavy, so I guarantee you that it was no small task!

But, I don't think Daddy minded too much
There are Dillon and Nora heading to the van to get our picnic lunch.  They did such a great job, and we had a wonderful time.  I definitely recommend Frozenhead for young families.  The kids had a great time, and even Liam can't wait to go back hiking.  

Even being pregnant, this was a great outing for me.  The trail wasn't too difficult or steep, and I know I got some good exercise without being overly worn out.  My only complaint--having to pee in the woods--but, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  Particularly when there's a baby always pressing on my bladder. 

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Melanie said...

Four miles for Nora- that's great! We had our first family camping trip at Frozenhead and didn't realize it's close proximity to the prison until we drove up that evening...