Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snapshot of Spring

First of all, please note the attire above.

Nora is all about dressing herself these days.  Picking out the ensemble.  Dresses mostly.  With leggings.  (An apparent necessity).  Her new Ariel panties are required.  And now that it's warm outside--Crocs.  And she must put it on by herself, which is a major accomplishment.

I mean, just look at the hand-placement.  Total girlie girl.

On Friday, we were blessed with beautiful weather, and an even greater surprise was that Daddy had the day off!  A schedule change meant that our main man got to stay home, and we were able to spend the whole day together.  We went for a walk through our neighborhood, did a tad bit of yardwork, ate lunch on the back patio, and played at the playground and in the backyard.  It was quite a wonderful day!

After lunch, Jonathan decided to weed these little pavers that are just off the end of our patio.  He plopped himself down on the concrete and got to work pulling out the weeds while the kiddos watched on.

This quickly turned into a scavenger hunt for worms.

And, boy, was this girl having fun digging for earthworms with her Daddy!

As girly as she is, she is turning into our little adventurer, our little daredevil, and is showing some signs that she is notsomuch like her Momma in EVERYTHING.  I do not do earthworms.

"Here, Dad, I'll get it."

Jonathan was so proud of her.

Now, where was Liam?  Watching, very carefully, from the sidelines.  He was not quite ready to touch the earthworms although he was very intrigued.

It won't be long before he's corrupted, though.  He's all boy.  He'll probably be eating earthworms before the summer is over.  Help.  It won't be long before it's just me.

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