Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello, Third Trimester!

How about an update on Baby Stella?!

I am now 27 weeks pregnant, and that means I am officially in the third trimester.  Less than 13 weeks till we get to meet our precious baby girl!  I am definitely feeling the difference between the start of the second trimester and the third trimester.  I am feeling large!!!

I didn't really follow up on my last pregnancy post to update my glucose test results and what all happened at my 25 week appointment.  I passed my glucose test with no problems, and I am not anemic.  At my last visit, Dr. Y measured my fundal height (the size of my uterus) for the first time, and I was measuring three weeks ahead!!!  For those of you unfamiliar with how this works or what this means, let me explain (to the best of my limited ability).  Around this time in a woman's pregnancy, the fundal height is measured.  The nurse or doctor literally takes a measuring tape and measures from the bottom of the uterus (near the pelvic area) to the top of the uterus.  The number of weeks pregnant a woman is should correlate with the number of centimeters her fundal height is.  So, I was 25 weeks pregnant at my appointment, and my fundal height should have been around 25 cm.  However, this time my uterus measured 28 cm.  Dr. Y looked at me and said, "I've measured you twice and you are measuring really big.  Do you have big babies!?"  "Um, not really," I said.  We talked about the size of Nora and Liam and delivery, and she said that it's not unusual for every baby to measure bigger than the one before.  She said we would take a growth scan of Stella at week 30-32 to see how big she is.  But, THREE WEEKS AHEAD!  That's a big girl!  I always measured behind with Nora, and Liam always measured just on time.  So, we'll see what this baby girl has in store for us!

The funny thing about measuring ahead is that for several weeks prior to this appointment, I kept mentioning to Jonathan and family that I just "feel" bigger this time.  I am carrying a bit differently, distributing weight a bit differently than the two other pregnancies, so it was nice in a way to have some validation that I was bigger than usual for me.  Maybe my due date is off? Hmmm...we'll just see.

I go back next Wednesday for a quick appointment to receive my Rhogam shot.  (I am A negative blood type and Jonathan is O positive, so I have to get this shot for some really long and complicated reason that I don't really remember).  Then, I go back on April 1st for a 4D ultrasound of Stella! YEAH!  By then, we'll be about 30 weeks! Can't believe it.

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