Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Over "The Sickness"

Well, thankfully "the sickness" has come and gone in our house.  Last Saturday (not the one that just passed, but the one before), Nora woke up with a high fever.  Other than being lethargic and achy, she didn't really have any other symptoms, so we just assumed she had a virus that would pass within a day or two.  As the days went on, her fever persisted and some allergy-like symptoms evolved: sniffles, congestion, cough.  By Tuesday morning, Liam woke up with a fever too.  Nora's fever, I thought, was basically gone, but I think it's because she was acting more normal and I was too distracted with monitoring and caring for Liam.  On Wednesday morning, after a rough night, I checked both kids for fever and they both had one over 100.5.  For Nora, this was day 5 of a relatively high fever, so I called the doctor to see if we should come in.  The nurse recommended that we take both kids in to check for infection, so we through on clothes and raced over to see Dr. G.  First of all, I have NEVER seen a doctor's office waiting room so full!  We were obviously not the only sick ones in Knoxville.  When we finally got to see Dr. G. he looked over both kiddos and determined that they had an upper respiratory infection that would take about 7 days to fully run its course.  Thankfully, they had not developed any secondary infections (sinus infection, ear infection, etc.), so all we basically needed to do was treat them with a fever reducer and wait it out. 

Nora was back to herself by Friday, but once day three hit for Liam he turned into one miserable little boy.  It's so funny how kids handle sickness differently.  I guess it just depends on their age too.  Liam slept a lot during the day, but had some really rough nights where all he wanted was Momma to hold him and rock him and comfort him.  Jonathan kept referring to him as my Siamese twin because if I was anywhere in the vicinity, he had to be attached to me.  On Sunday morning, he woke up at 8:00 and within 45 minutes he was begging to back "night night."  Two hours later he woke up, and still went down at normal nap time for a two hour nap.  Poor buddy!  Yesterday marked 8 days for Liam, and he is doing so much better.  After a week of being "spoiled" by everyone and getting to have me hold him much more than usual, he is back to his sweet, happy self, and last night was the first time in almost two weeks that we had uninterrupted sleep! Praise the Lord!

Even though this was a long sickness for us, it made me so thankful for how healthy we have been this winter.  There have been so many illnesses going around, but we have mostly been spared.  It's amazing how God pours out grace, patience, endurance, energy, and supernatural selflessness when your babies are not well.  I wish it was that easy everyday....when they are healthy and in the midst of throwing tantrums or arguing with each other.

Now that we are well, we are trying to enjoy the lovely spring weather that is suddenly upon us!  We have taken a few walks in the evenings, but we are still finding a bit cooler than we like.  Thankfully, higher temperatures are on the horizon and the first day of spring is this Sunday!  It's so fun to talk to Nora about Spring, pointing out to her the beauty of the flowers, how God makes all things and gives them life.  It's such an awesome reminder of our Creator!

In other news, we still have lots going on.  Baby Stella is busy growing and giving Momma lots of Braxton-Hicks.  Amy and Andrew's wedding is less than 5 weeks away.  We've got last minute shopping to do, showers to throw and attend, and next weekend Jonathan and I get to get-away to Atlanta for the weekend.  OH, and I still have bridal shower pics to post!  I'll try to get to that soon!

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Allyson said...

Gavin had the same sickness! It lasted FOREVER too. He had a fever for 5 days and I called Dr. G and they said not to bring him in b/c they've seen so many people with it. Thankfully after 7 days he was better. Glad you guys are well now!! Spring can't get here soon enough to get rid of all this sickness!