Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Baby Grace

I'm not sure who actually is checking on my blog for updates on Baby Grace, but just in case there is anyone, I will post what I know.  But, for the real deal and updated blogging from Karen (Grace's Momma), please check her blog  Grace is now 5 days old!  What a miracle!

The latest on Grace is that she went in for surgery this morning to remove the encephalocele.  After her MRI Monday evening, which showed that her encephalocele contained only a very small part of her cerebellum (a great sign), Karen and Chad decided to go forward with surgery today.  I have gotten several texts from Karen, and Grace is doing very well.  She is out of surgery, in the NICU, and they have gotten to see her.

Please continue to pray for Grace, that the Lord would heal her body!  She is a living testimony of His power and GRACE and love, and we can trust Him to do what is best for this precious baby girl's life.  Pray for Karen as she continues to recover from the c-section.  Please pray for Karen and Chad as they continue to make decisions for Grace, that their hearts would be united and that they would be guided by the Holy Spirit in all things.  I know they love the Lord and are trusting in Him.  What a joy it is to watch Him work in this precious family's life and in particular, through such a precious baby!  I will occasionally update regarding Grace, but naturally, Karen's blog is going to be the best place for information. 

Thank you for praying for my sweet friends!

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Melanie said...

That is great news!