Monday, April 18, 2011

Pillow Talk

Last night, I was the one putting Nora to bed and happened to have one adorable and priceless conversation with her.  I told Jonathan what we talked about and he encouraged me to write it down so we don't forget.  What childlike faith she has these days, and it is so neat to see her beginning to understand things about God.

We were talking small talk for a while, recalling what we did yesterday: woke up early because we had a house showing at 9 am, put the kids in the van and got some donut holes as a special treat, drove around looking at houses while we waited for the showing to be over, came home and played together as a family, jumped and played on the couch cushions, grilled some sausages for lunch, walked down to the playground, took some naps, and went to dinner with our next door neighbors.  We both agreed it was a great day!  We then both agreed we were very tired from such a busy weekend (Aunt Mames got married on Saturday), so I suggested we pray and go to sleep.

C:  Nora, do you want to pray?

N:  Sure.  Dear God, thank you for this day and for the beautiful weather and that we got to play together.  In Jesus' name, amen.

C:  Amen.  That was a wonderful prayer, Nora. 

N:  Thanks.  It was a little prayer.

C:  Well, that's okay.  Little prayers are just fine, and the more you pray, the better you will get at it and the longer they will get.  God doesn't care how long your prayers are, He is just glad that you are talking to Him.  He loves when you talk to Him and want to spend time with him.

N:  I can't hear Him.

C:  You can't hear God?

N:  No.  I can't hear him and I can't see him either.

C:  You're right, we can't see him with our eyes but we know that he's here with us.

N:  Yeah, he's everywhere.

C:  That's right.  He's everywhere all the time.  Can you be everywhere?

N:  Nooooo..... (with a giggle, as if that was absurd).

C:  You're right here!  But where is God?

N:  He's in heaven.

C:  That's right.  God is in heaven.

N:  And God doesn't ever get tired.  He doesn't ever go to sleep.  But, Jesus sleeps.  He fell asleep in the boat.

C:  That's right, when Jesus was a man, we did sleep and he did fall asleep in the boat.   But now he is in heaven with God.  So, he doesn't need to sleep anymore.  When we get to heaven, we can see them both.

N:  That is a LONG way away.  It's going to be a long car ride to get there.

C:  To heaven?

N:  Yeah.  It's going to take a really long time to get there.  When we go to New Orleans, it is a long time (meaning: it takes a long time to get there) but when we drive to heaven, it's going to take even longer.  We'll have to watch lots of movies and take naps in the car.

C:  Maybe so, Nora, maybe so.

It was such a sweet conversation to have with my girl.  I pray that the Lord continues to draw her heart to His and that He equips Jonathan and I to teach and train her in a way that pleases and glorifies him.  It's so humbling to have children that we are called to raise!  We love our sweet girl so much and are so thankful for her.   I pray we have many more conversations like these.

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