Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 31 weeks, 6 days

Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks!  Crazy to believe that Stella will be here in about 8 weeks (or less).  I had an appointment today where I was able to re-do the 4D Bonding Scan since we weren't able to get very many good images of her at our last appointment, and I also saw the doctor for my visit. 

Here are some pics of our precious baby girl.

It's pretty much the same pose with just a few different angles!  Poor baby was plumb worn-out from the weekend festivities, I guess, because she was SOUND asleep.  I tried poking her and prodding her, changing positions, sitting up, rolling on my side.  She refused.  The ultrasound tech was so sweet and kept saying, "It just takes patience.  She'll move."  But, she didn't.

She had her hand up by her face the whole time, which is how she was sleeping during our last attempt at the 4D, so she must be comfy sleeping that way.  Also, she has the same nose as both Liam and Nora.  Must be a Bradshaw trait!

I found out a few other surprising things during the ultrasound, too.  First, even though I was convinced that she was bald, we found out that Miss Stella does indeed have some hair.

See the white lines sticking out on the side of the skull next to the word "hair" ?  Well, that's her hair, and according to the ultrasound tech it seems "long."  So, maybe she'll have more than Liam did which was WAY more than Nora who had hardly anything but peach fuzz.

The other thing we discovered is that Stella is breech!

This is just a picture of her skull with the word breech on it, but it's proof!  Two weeks ago, Stella was head down with her head near my right hip bone, but today, her head was right up in the center of my belly, just below my breast bone.  The tech said she was butt first!  Not good!

My doctor assured me that there is still plenty of time for her to turn, and while I was fixing dinner this evening, I am certain she found herself another position because she was moving around in there like a crazy person and causing me lots of discomfort.  So, I am praying that she finds herself head down and decides that she likes it that way.  I have been blessed with two great deliveries thus far, and even though a C-section would totally not be the end of the world, I would definitely PREFER a vaginal delivery if possible.  So, please pray with me that she turns and stays put!

Weight was good, blood pressure was good, and other than scheduling a growth scan for two weeks from now, there is nothing new to report.  I loved seeing my baby girl on the screen, and we can't wait to meet her.  Nora is so thrilled with her and Stella is not even here yet!  Liam....well, he just knows that we refer to my belly as Stella and that Momma does not like him to jump on top of Stella, so naturally he tries to do that whenever possible.

So, my next project is to try to get the girls' room ready for Stella's arrival.  We'll see when I get to that, but hopefully it's soon.  Our girl will be here before we know it!


Shelley Hill said...

Don't worry about her being breeched now. Andrew was at my 38 week visit and we scheduled a time for the doctor to physically turn him before I was induced at 40 weeks. It was a breeze! My OB/GYN gave me some meds to relax my uterus and put her hands on the outside of my belly and spun him around. That was it! It was a procedure done in the hospital for precautions but took a few minutes. So there is that option to try before settling on a c-section.

Karen said...

I cannot believe you are 32 weeks!! Time flies! Just FYI, there is plenty of time for her to turn, but if she doesn't and you have to have a C section, they are not that bad!! Let me know if you have any questions. Love you sweet friend!