Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quote of the Day

Date: Easter Day 2011

Setting:  It's a warm, beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon, and Nora has gotten it in her head that she wants to go swimming for the first time in her Geegaw and Granna's pool.  No one else is brave enough to get in with her because the water temp is too cool.  However, she keeps insisting that I (her 8 month pregnant momma) should get in with her.  I, conveniently, didn't have a bathing suit with me.

Nora:  Well, Momma, you can just borrow one of Mames' swimsuits.

Momma:  Oh baby, I can't fit in any of Mames' swimsuits.  

Nora:  Because you're more pregnant-er than her?

Momma:  Yes, that's it.  I am more pregnant-er than her. 

(Sidenote:  Mames (aka Aunt Amy) just got married last weekend, so I do hope I am more pregnant-er than her) ;)

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