Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life According to My iPhone

So, I finally dumped a bunch of pictures that I have taken on my iPhone over the past...I know, YEAR....onto our computer. It is so fun to look back at the random moments I have captured, despite the poor picture quality, because I am just not talented at the slow shutter speed of this particular camera. Also, my subjects are typically two very fast-moving, in-motion, not-really-wanting-to-cooperate-with-Momma kiddos. So, here are some fun pics of our family going back...WAY back! Enjoy!
Crazy man wearing his construction goggles.

Enjoying some dessert with Daddy.  This was September 2010.  I wasn't even pregnant with Stella yet.  See how I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with stuff!?

Ok, have you seen that app for the iPhone called Fat Booth!?  Well, this is Liam (same pic as above) in the Fat Booth!  Isn't this hilarious!  Keep eating that ice cream boy and you'll end up with cheeks like that!

Typical trip to Sam's.  I wonder how long they'll both fit in those buggies.  Cherishing while I can still contain them.

Ok, so the next two pictures need some prefacing.  Jonathan and Nora have this bedtime ritual that doesn't happen every night, but at least several times a week.  Nora calls it "relaxing."  As in, "Daddy, will you relax with me tonight?"  Most of the time, Jonathan says yes and once they are all ready for bed, he'll hang out in her room with her where they talk, sing songs, make shadow puppets, and sometimes take random pictures in the dark with his cell phone.  Then, they text the said crazy, in-the-dark pictures to me who is probably sitting in her bed across the house eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs in peace.

Here's an example:

Now, if I'm in the right mood.  I might send something like the following in response:
But, only if I'm up to it.

Warm day in early March in Granddaddy's backyard.

This is Liam with our good friend, McKenna.  Liam really loves McKenna.  She's pretty.  She's older (5), and she dotes on him.  Not to mention she has dark hair.  Have I mentioned he has a thing for women with dark hair?

This is what remained after I ordered room service during Jonathan and I's getaway to Atlanta in late March.

Here's Nora with her friend Claire after music class.  The music class met at Smart Toys & Books toy store, so the girls loved playing together afterward and occasionally dressed up.

"Get your hard hat!"

Girl's first time to drive a fire truck.

Seriously, this makes this boy happy.  He loves to "ride" the Thomas bike, although all this means is he climbs on it and sits.  Still.  As in, no movement.  I am enjoying the lack of injuries and running that I am having to deal with as a result of this.  I know my days of chasing him down the street aren't too far away.

First picnic at the playground this Spring.

Liam's first time of dyeing Easter Eggs.  We continued our tradition of dyeing Easter Eggs with the Townsend girls.

Nora got her face painted like a butterfly at a party we went to recently.  She loved it!!!

The best Daddy ever!  Here is his "markeling" with the kids while I cooked dinner.

Our little love.  Can't wait to meet her!

While I was in the shower on the morning of Mother's Day, I could hear Liam wander into the bathroom.  I then heard the toilet flush and Liam very excitedly squeal and laugh.  I got out shortly thereafter and found this.  Since then, he has dipped several toothbrushes in the toilet and just last night threw in a whole roll of toilet paper.  Not funny.


Liam finally got some "manly" Lightning McQueen sunglasses for his birthday.  
Here he is trying them out.

First trip to Dollywood Spring 2011.  We went last week with Granna and Geegaw and had a great time!

Nora driving the cars in the 50's car ride.  I was sitting next to her and managed to snap a photo amidst the craziness of her driving.  She was totally into it!



Here's some evidence of the nesting instinct I've had lately.  Washing clothes for Stella.  Apparently a green crayon managed to make its way into this load of laundry and the dryer, so I had to re-wash this entire load, spraying nearly every item with Shout, to get the green out of it.  At least Stella's clothes are super clean!

This week at Target, I picked up a hat for each of the kids for when they are out in the sun.  Liam LOVES his "ball ca-yap" and has rarely taken it off during the past two days.  Nora, who couldn't be outdone by Liam, posed for this shot.

Ok, well, there you have it.  Our last 9 months in iPhone pics.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  See you next year, or perhaps sooner, but don't hold your breath!

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