Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last weekend (not Memorial Day, but the one prior to that), Jonathan surprised me with an anniversary/babymoon getway to Chattanooga.  Just the two of us.  On May 22nd, we celebrated 7 amazing years of marriage, and he arranged with his parents that we would have a two night rendezvous just a bit south of Knoxville without the kiddos.  Just us.

It was wonderful!  I have driven through Chatty several times going in and out of town.  However, I've only visited there one other time during a Woman's conference put on by our church. After Jonathan and I's trip last weekend, I have a new love for Chattanooga.  We had such a great time just walking around, and there is really so much to do.  There are also TONS of things for kids to do, and we often found ourselves saying, "Oh, the kids would love to do that!"  I can't wait to take them there once we get settled down with life after Stella.  Plus, the best part is that it's only 1.5 hours away.

We left K-town after Jonathan got home from work Thursday evening.  We took our time driving down, got checked in, and then watched a movie until WAY too late! But, we got to sleep in the next morning, and we just barely made it to breakfast in the hotel lobby!  After breakfast, we just started walking.  The weather was amazing while we were there and was just perfect for being outside!  AAHH!!

Stella Marie @ 36 weeks
The Pedestrian Bridge from a distance.
About to cross the Pedestrian Bridge

Once we walked across the bridge, we took our time exploring several shops and even got to enjoy a snow cone!  (Not quite as divine as a snowball down in New Orleans, but it was delicious!  I wish we had a snow cone place in Knoxville).  For lunch, we were still full from breakfast and our snow cone, but knew we needed to eat something.  We didn't want to go too big because we had dinner plans, so we stopped for slice of pizza.  I enjoyed my favorite: pepperoni and green olives!

Preggo Woman's pleasure!  Plus, JB got his favorite too: mushrooms!

For dinner on Friday night, we went to an Italian restaurant some friends recommended!  It was really good, and then we walked down to the waterfront and treated ourselves to some delicious ice cream.  Pizza.  More Italian food.  Ice cream.  Being with  my best friend.  It was such a wonderful day! Oh, and I forgot to mention that we even squeezed in a viewing of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 

On our way out of town Saturday morning, we stopped for breakfast at this joint.  Aretha Frankensteins was recommended to us by some friends for some amazing breakfast, so we found it and enjoyed some delicious eggs and bacon and biscuits as big as the state of TN.  So much fun.  Of course, we were more than ready to see our two precious kiddos, so we left town and headed straight to the grandparents' house to fetch them!

We had a fabulous getaway.  I am so thankful for a husband that plans little times like these.  I am even more grateful to my in-laws who always so graciously and abundantly care for our children so that we can have moments like these.  We have had seven wonderful and blessed years of marriage!  I look forward to all that the Lord has in store for us in the coming years. 

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