Sunday, August 7, 2011


This morning, the kids and I are at home while Jonathan is at church.  Nora has just recovered from a fever virus that has lasted the past 3-4 days, so we are staying put to make sure she doesn't spread what she's had.  While the kids are at play, I thought I'd take a second to right down what I love about each of my babies today.  There are things that they say or do that just overwhelms my heart with love and affection and gratefulness.  These things change from time to time, from day to day as they grow and expand their knowledge of life and all that this world has.  So, here is what each does right now that just captures my heart:

Nora:  I just love Nora's love for play and imagination.  She is really into her dolls and Barbies these days.  She loves to pretend, giving them names, creating scenarios as they interact, etc.  She's been going through a phase where she really wants others to play pretend with her, but as she is in her room at this moment, I can hear her playing well by herself, giving the different dolls different voices.  Liam went to stay with Granna and Geegaw the other day while Nora was at the peak of her sickness.  He was gone about 24 hours, and even though I doubt she'd admit it, she missed her little brother.  Yesterday they played so well together and really enjoyed each others' company.  I cherish the moments when they love being together and put fighting aside to just have fun.  I also love Nora's love for coloring and markering and doing "school."  She loves to learn, but on her own terms (which may be an issue when it comes time to have real school).

Liam:  I love how sweet this boy is.  He surely is a handful and gets into everything, but he has the most tender heart.  He cannot help but love his two sisters, and it is especially seen in how he interacts with Stella.  I love how Liam is learning new phrases and using them, even though he has NO IDEA what he is saying.  The two phrases he's using these days are:  "I understand" and "I don't care."  He'll just randomly use them or put them together, such as:  "I don't care, Momma.  I understand."  He has heard them used and knows that we say those words, but as to what they convey or how they are used, he doesn't know or care.  I am learning that Liam is a clown, a ham.  He does things to get a reaction, good and bad.  Just give him a hint that you think something he does is funny and he becomes hooked on that thing. 

Stella:  Although this little one is limited in what she does, we are totally smitten with her.  Just last night she was sleeping across my chest before bed, and it hit me that just 9 weeks ago she was still in my belly.  Just a little peanut.  But now, she's been with us for two months and has changed tremendously.  I love her smiles, and I know this is selfish, but it just melts my heart because I think she really knows who I am, that I am her Momma.  She gives me smiles freely, and though it is a small thing, I am trying to enjoy every single one of them. 

Lastly, one thing I want to remember right now is that Liam loves the song, "Oh the Deep, Deep Love."  This song was sung at Amy and Andrew's wedding, and after the wedding anytime we would play that song, Liam instantly knew it was from the wedding.  Now, he asks me to sing it to him when I put him to bed.  I sing the chorus to him, over and over:

"Oh, the deep, deep love
All I need and trust
Is the deep, deep love of Jesus."

Such simple words, such a simple tune.  However, if I teach my son (and daughters) nothing else, I hope it is that.  All they need and all they should trust is the love of Jesus Christ.  I pray God makes these words ring true in their hearts one day.  Until that day, we are sowing seeds.

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