Monday, August 22, 2011


So, it's Monday morning.  I am in my pjs and robe, nursing my second cup of coffee.  The kids are still in their pjs, and we are just slowly coming alive.  We had a busy weekend celebrating Nora's 4th birthday as a family of five.  Right now, I have neither the time nor energy to post about all of our adventures, but I hope to do so very soon.  So, consider this my commercial, advertising things that are to come!

I have to tell you about our last minute overnight trip to Chattanooga.

Our fun day at Rock City.

Nora's 4th birthday and all that is going on in the life of this little, wonderful girl.
Exhausted after a busy, fun day!

But, laundry awaits, suitcases must be unpacked, beds must be made, errands must be run, and babies must be cared for.  Till then!

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