Thursday, August 4, 2011


"Goodbye.  See ya later.  It's been fun!"

If you and your kiddos have ever seen Yo Gabba Gabba!---hands down, the weirdest show on television---then you may be familiar with the song that they sing at the end of their show when they say farewell to a friend.  My kids (Liam, in particular) love that show and anytime someone leaves our house, they walk them to the door or to their car singing that silly song:  "Goodbye.  See ya later.  It's been fun!"

Unfortunately, we will have to be saying some serious goodbyes to our very close friends/next-door neighbors in a just a few short days.  Anne and Matt and their son, Dillon, will be moving to Indianapolis next week where Matt will be starting a new job.  Words cannot describe how much we love this family!  When we moved into our house, they were already living next door.  I was six months pregnant with Nora, and the only people we knew in Knoxville were a few couples we had met at our church.  A few months after we moved in, my Mom was in town (I think Nora was a newborn), when she met Matt and Anne outside one evening as they were walking their dog.  Anne had just found out she was pregnant with Dillon and she was a bit overwhelmed at the surprise.  I vaguely remember running into Anne that night, but little did I know how great of friends we would become.

Over time, we started talking with them more and more.  When Dillon was born, Anne and I would have chats about new baby stuff.  As the babies grew, we started hanging out more, especially in the spring and fall when we would take long walks through our neighborhood.  We share supper together all the time, have ice cream parties in the front yard, and cook out together!  Our friendship has really grown roots in the four years we've lived in this house.  I know I can always call Anne to ask for a cup of milk or a few diapers, or just to talk about my day.  She's brought my daughter to swim lessons, and I've run out to get them Gatorade when a terrible stomach bug struck their whole crew.  We talk about God together, how to train and raise our children, our dreams and goals, and everything in between.  They are truly a gift to us, and we are so, so happy for them as they pursue a new life in Indianapolis.  However, we are really going to miss our dear friends.

We have talked already about planning a family vacation with them.  In fact, we hang out so much that we've created a name for ourselves:  The Walshaws.  (A mix of Walworth and Bradshaw).  Dillon is like a brother to Nora and Liam, and my kids feel like Miss Anne's house is an extension of their own home. 

I don't know what we'll do when they are gone!  So many nights have been spent with them whether we are walking the neighborhood, hanging at the pool or playground, or eating popsicles in the driveway.  They are such a source of comfort to us, and I am so thankful for the friendship Jonathan and I have found in Matt and Anne. 

Here are a few pictures I snapped the other day when we hung out in our backyard.  We are trying to soak up as much time with them as we possibly can:

Dillon:  Always styling.  Always prepared.

Dillon's blue Crocs: A summer staple.

 The kids (usually) play so well together!

"It's hot, Momma."

Trying to get Dillon to pose for me:

Love this precious face!

I love her curls in this picture!  Her hair is getting so long and when it's wet, it gets wavy like this.  
On Wednesday, our precious friends will be moving on to all that the Lord has in store for them.  We are excited for them as they move on into such an exciting time of their lives, but we will certainly miss having them just a few feet away.  We love you, Walworths!

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