Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thanks

I've heard of lots of people doing differing activities where they try to express their thankfulness throughout the month of November.  I definitely want and need to be better about expressing my thankfulness to the Lord for all that I have, need, and don't deserve.  I am a very blessed woman, even when I have rough days and have a difficult time seeing this.  So, in attempts to express my gratitude to God, I am going to try to take a picture a day of things that I am thankful for and keep a photo journal of that list.  Please join in if you want to!

Day One

This morning was a rough one for me.  We didn't sleep well at all, the coffee pot wasn't working, and Liam was being exceptionally cranky and fussy.  I was very overwhelmed and discouraged and short-tempered with my children this morning as we tried to rush out of the house for ballet--all fed, all dressed, all alive.  However, after a time to cool down, ask forgiveness, and take it easy, we are back to peace (for the moment).  I am thankful for these two HUGE means of sanctification in my life.  And I love when they "ride the jet ski" together.  I am thankful for the sweet moments where they play together so well and so sweetly.  Thank you, Lord, for Nora and Liam.

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