Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Things They Say

The kids are in such fun stages these days when it comes to their vocabularies.  Nora is just soaking up new words!  She must be more aware of the words that we say day in and day out, and I cannot tell you how many times a day she'll ask me what something means.  Sometimes it is hard for me to articulate to her the definition of a word in a way that she'll understand, but I sure try my hardest.  Some words that she's started to incorporate into her vocabulary lately include:  familiar, splendid, extremely, and absolutely.  She doesn't always throw them in there correctly, but she sure is trying!  There are dozens more, but of course because I am sitting down to record these words, only those four come to mind!

Liam is such a ham, and his vocabulary increases all the time too!  He is in the phase where he says most things correctly, but there are still some words that he mispronounces.  I think it's adorable, so I try not to correct him because I know he'll say it right eventually.  My favorite word that he says is "Dandy-dowen."  Do you have any guesses as to what he is saying? 

It's "dandelion."  He'll spot a dandelion in the yard and start saying, "Dandy-dowen.  Dandy-dowen."  Or, if I spot one, I will point it out to him and ask him what it is just so I can hear him say the word.  It is too cute and too precious.  I would be perfectly fine if he mispronounced it for the rest of his life!  He also says "bresis"  (breakfast), "I wanna tell you sumpin," "Bullsuh" for "Bullseye" the horse from Toy Story.  No matter how many times I try to help him say "bulleye," he can't seem to say it.  So cute!

There are so many precious things that they say each and every day, but I don't write it down nearly enough.  I need to get better at that! 

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