Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Well, Hello!

I come to you this morning while sitting in my pjs and robe, snacking on some yogurt and almonds for breakfast.  I am sitting at the same table my husband sat at as a little boy, but the setting for this morning is a bit different.  We are finally in our new house!  The past three weeks have been extremely busy and chaotic as we have traveled, packed boxes, unpacked boxes, lived amongst contractors and renovators, and juggled life with three kiddos, but at the end of it all we are healthy, we are so grateful, and we are indeed blessed.

To say that we are enjoying our new home would be an understatement.  We were so excited to move in, so instead of waiting until Easter weekend to take the plunge (like we had originally planned), we hustled and packed to move in the last weekend in March.  We closed on our house three weeks ago yesterday, but due to some work we were having done, we couldn't move in right away.  Much to our surprise, the flooring and carpeting went in much faster than we anticipated, so we were able to move ourselves in earlier than expected.  It was crazy, but it was so worth it!  Last week we tried to continue getting settled, but that's kind of hard to do with three little ones.  Not to mention that we had painting going on and some other last minute work and installations.  Today, however, I sit in my kitchen while the kids watch some cartoons.  The baby is asleep, the house is relatively quiet, and there are just a few rooms that need our attention; nothing immediate.  We have beds to sleep in, toys to play with, a television to watch when Momma just needs some sanity, and a glorious backyard to run around in.  All the other stuff is marginal and will find its home at some point.

We have been blessed by the help of many friends and our families in the past weeks.  Jonathan's parents kept the kids on many occasions so we could pack and move.  They were so helpful and supportive during the entire process.  Mr. Paul mowed our grass for us several times and during the week where all of the demo and installation of the floors and carpet, Jonathan's parents came to our house countless times to make sure that everything was going as it should so that I could keep the kids at home and pack.  Can you imagine if I had to travel back and forth between our old house and the new several times a day to let people in and check on progress?  Insane!  I cannot thank them enough.

My mom was in this past weekend for Easter and she was a great help and encouragement.  We loved having her in our new home.  She got to work on our flowerbeds which were needing some love and attention.  So if you wonder how in the world I managed to weed my front flowerbeds with all of the other things we've had going on....don't worry.  I didn't do it!  My Momma did!

We have some of the greatest friends who have come over to help us unpack and assemble furniture.  I've loved the influx of visitors lately as friends have stopped by to drop off lunch or just come by to visit and see the new place.  I have just been overwhelmed lately by how truly blessed we are, regardless of this new house. 

So, in case you were wondering where I have been in the past few weeks, now you know!  I have much to blog about, so I hope to find more time in the near future.  So, until next time!

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