Friday, May 11, 2012

Prayers for My Children

“By the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, bring every thought and imagination of my child’s mind, every emotion of his heart, every deed of his hands, and every step that he takes under Your Lordship. Lead him to love You with all of his heart, mind, and soul, and his neighbor as himself.”

I came across this article this morning by a mother praying for her prodigal son.  I found her prayer for her son so beautiful and at the heart of what I want and need to pray for my little ones.  Lest I forget that their hearts are ultimately in hands of our Father and not in mine.  God calls me to teach and to train and to love and to care, but He is the maker and molder of their hearts.  I pray that He gives me faith to rest in that knowledge and equips me to all that He is calling me to.

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