Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Encouraging Reads

Recently, I have come across a few articles online that have been very encouraging and thought-provoking.  In case you missed me sharing them on Facebook, I thought I would post them here.  They are both simple and short, so if you have a few minutes, read them! I pray they warm your soul.

Ordinary Days
What is the greatest gift you can give to your kids? Ordinary days.  Holidays, big events, graduations....those are all great days to be present.  But it's the ordinary days that are extraordinary.

How to Find Quiet Time With God When There is No Quiet Time
I know my quiet times with the Lord are taken one day at a time.  Sometimes I totally miss it.  Sometimes I go weeks.  Thankful for the sweet reminder of truth.

And just for something funny, watch this:

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