Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days and Sick Days

We are sick....AGAIN!

This has been one long winter for us. It seems that every week since before Thanksgiving, somebody in our house has had something. Whether it's a sinus infection, ear infection, cough, runny nose, whatever. Thankfully, though, these have all been minor illnesses that are cured with time and sometimes medicine. I have the tendency to feel sorry for myself sometimes when I am stuck in the house with sick kiddos, but I was sobered this morning after finding out that a family I know of just found out that their two year old son has leukemia. That definitely put Liam's ear infection into perspective. That definitely changed the outlook I have on having to wake up in the middle of the night to care for a screaming boy, or to change sheets for the third time due to vomit or spit up. I cannot imagine having to deal with more than these common colds and ailments. Praise you, Lord, for our health!

Here are some pictures of my two loves watching the snow fall from our front window.

In other news, we have had TONS of cold weather and lots and lots of snow. I am such a bad blogger....I have finally included some pictures from Nora and Jonathan playing in the snow several weeks ago when we were snowed in for the weekend. This is definitely our biggest winter and the most snow we've seen since moving to Knoxville over two years ago. It's been lots of fun and exciting at times, but I must confess that I am ready for some warmer weather. We are scheduled for some more snow over the next few days and into next week, so we'll see how much longer this crazy winter continues on. I have BIG plans for when it warms up!

Here are Jonathan and Nora building our family's first snowman!

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