Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hmmmm.....This Could Be A Problem

So this afternoon we were cleaning up toys before naptime.  The kids and I were singing a song, which is not unusual.  The song we were singing this time was by Paul Baloche and is a great worship song that we sing regularly at our church.  It's called "To The Cross."

The words for the chorus go:

You stretched your arms out wide.
I lift my hands up hi---iiigh
To my Savior.

Liam has really taken to this song, for some reason.  He likes the "high" part.  So I am trying to teach them to spread their arms out wide like Jesus did.  Then we are learning to reach our hands high like we are praising Him.

Anyway, the problem came about when Nora belted out in song all by herself.  Granted, it was beautiful, but we may need to work on the words and message she is getting:

I stretch my arms out wide.
I lift my hands up hi---ighhh
To my Stranger.


Anyway, it gave me a good laugh.  Thought I'd share!

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Elizabeth said...

Reason 326 I love Nora!