Monday, August 1, 2011

Today Monday, August 1st.  Where has this summer gone!?  Oh, that's right.  We've had a new baby so everything is moving at lightning speed.  Long days, fast weeks, even faster months.

...we are recovering from a very busy, but very wonderful long weekend.  We had some dear friends from New Orleans come in town Saturday, so we've spent the past two days visiting with them and having lots of fun in the pool and on the lake.  Chrissy and I grew up together in church at Lakeview Christian Center.  It's so funny that we used to be two young girls, and now we are both married with children who spent the weekend playing together.  It was so much fun and so good to be around them!  I just love and am so thankful for lifelong friendships.

...I have a mountain of laundry to conquer.  We were not home all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  The kids and I spent Thursday at Geegaw and Granna's house because it was Geegaw's birthday, Friday we went to Dollywood, and Saturday and Sunday we spent at the Bradshaws because they graciously let Chrissy and Ryan and their kiddos stay at their house since we couldn't fit everyone at our house.  So, basically for the past four days we have been gone all day only to come home just in time for bed, dump everything in my bedroom, sleep, and then get up to go again.  My bedroom is in shambles and our laundry situation is out.of.control.  But, I have begun the descent down Laundry Hill and should be fully finished by tomorrow.

...I decided that two weeks or more withOUT Chick-fil-a was long enough.  The kids (all three of them) and I headed out for some "chicken and fries" for lunch, plus I have been longing for a good sweet tea!

...I had an hour and a half conversation with my momma today.  I love days when that happens.  She is a school teacher and is still off for the summer, so while the kids played and Stella napped, we got to catch up on all kinds of stuff.  Love my momma!

...I discovered that Liam likes to smell Stella.  I don't know what it is about that boy, but he just can't keep his hands off of his baby sister.  It's like this overwhelming desire and sensation inside of him that if he is within five feet of her he  He can't help himself.  So sweet!

...I am over the ants that seem to have taken residence in our the kitchen, in the kids' bathroom, and in the dining room by the back door.  We have to get these critters out of here soon!

...I really love this song:

and I REALLY love this new worship song we have sung the past two weeks at church:

...I am going to try to finish up a few projects I have been wanting to do on the computer:  Stella's 2-month post, baby announcements, and downloading some pics!  Stay tuned!

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